Los Banos Teacher Induction


We are pleased to offer our Induction Program to all district teachers who possess a preliminary general education and/or special education credential at no cost to the candidate.  Candidates work with a mentor and reflect upon their teaching practice.  The Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) allows candidates to self-select areas for growth and areas for action research through inquiry and investigation.  At the completion of Los Banos Induction requirements, teachers are recommended for a California Clear Credential.

Teachers working with a Provisional Intern Permit (PIP), Short-Term Staff Permit (STSP), or intern credential are also paired with a mentor at no cost to the candidate.  Upon earning the preliminary credential, those candidates are admitted into the Induction Program.

Click here to view our Induction Candidate Handbook for fall-start candidates.

Click here to view our Induction Candidate Handbook for January-start candidates.

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Barbara Severns, Induction Coordinator

Nancy Gilardi Induction Coordinator 2

Los Banos Teacher Induction

Vision of the Los Banos Teacher Induction Program

The vision of the Los Banos Teacher Induction Program is to provide job-embedded and candidate-driven support to induction candidates.  Teacher candidates are paired with a mentor at the beginning of the school year to ensure a smooth start to the school year.  The Los Banos Induction program creates and sets forth a research-based vision of teaching and learning that encourages consistency within our program.  To structure our program, Ready for Anything, Supporting New Teachers for Success (Howard, 2006) provides the foundation to prepare our candidates and mentors.  The two components guiding our work, process design is site based and implementation of our model is ongoing.  The researched based seminar topics gleaned from this resource guides both our process design and implementation, for both candidates and mentors.  Our vision is consistent with preparing educators for California public schools and the effective implementation of California’s adopted standards and curricular frameworks.

Beginning with an intake meeting with induction leadership prior to the beginning of the school year, candidates are provided with a basic program description and share their induction development plan from their credentialing program.  That plan provides introductory information necessary for mentor pairing and developing professional learning opportunities that meet the needs of new teachers.  Teacher candidates are provided a handbook and an overview of activities and submission timelines at the initial meeting at the beginning of the school year.  They are apprised of the process of earning a clear credential.  The grievance process and other program-specific processes are also included.  Candidates, their mentors, and their site administrators are provided regular updates of program completion to help ensure that progress towards the clear credential is maintained.

The California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) provide the foundation for all reflection and activities in which the teacher candidates are engaged.  From an initial self-reflection utilizing the Continuum of Teaching Practice to the development of Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) goals, teacher candidates identify their own strengths and areas for focus.  ILP goals are reviewed throughout their time in induction and are revised or changed as needed.  Participation in a symposium at the end of each school year allows teacher candidates to share their growth and areas of focus with other teacher candidates, mentors, and administrators.

Professional learning and training is directly linked to district and site initiatives.  Sessions are scheduled for teacher candidates to share implementation of ideas in their classrooms and relate it to their ILP goals.  Thus all activities, reflection, professional learning, and mentoring support are connected to candidate need.