Chromebook Instructions for Seniors

Following the process we completed last year, the senior class will be keeping their school Chromebooks as a personal device. For this to happen, we have to do two things:

1) The IS Department will need to release the devices from our management, which means all devices listed in the attached spreadsheets will be removed from LBUSD control. 

These include spare Chromebooks that are still on campus and not assigned to students. After our process is complete, they can't be easily re-set up and put back into service next school year. Additionally, we want to remove devices such as the Lenovo 11e Gen 1 because they haven't been receiving updates since June 2019; therefore, reliability is in question. We will run this process Tuesday, June 15th, 2021, at 3:00 pm to give you time to contact the students with instructions. 

2) Please be aware that the devices will unlock once connected to a Wi-Fi connection. While they can use personal Google accounts and make changes on the Chromebook, they will still see a message that manages the device. To remove this message, the device will need to be re-set. We have created a document and a video link below you can share with your seniors.


Document instructions:


Video instructions: