Student Services


Los Banos High School counselors meet annually with all students to develop/update a four year course plan, select an academic pathway, choose a career goal, and discuss post-secondary options. It is important that students planning to enroll in a college or university meet with their counselor to review entrance requirements for the California State University and University of California systems. Furthermore, it is critical that students planning on participating in intercollegiate athletics meet with a counselor to ensure proper course selection.


LBHS counselors play a critical role in assisting students throughout their four years of high school. Special emphasis is placed on the 10th grade year when parents are invited to a Sophomore Counseling conference and the senior year when a variety of financial aid and college workshops are conducted to help students transition to their post-secondary endeavors.


While providing academic guidance is a key focus, LBHS counselors also assist students with their personal and social needs. A variety of Life Skills groups meet each semester devoted to issues ranging from grief to anger management to study skills. Furthermore, LBHS counselors are highly focused on promoting good attendance and work closely with parents and teachers to insure students attend school on a regular basis and are on time to class. For every day of school missed, students fall three days behind.


LBHS counselors are here to help and we encourage all students to meet with us regularly for their academic, personal, social, and career needs. Have a great school year!

Students are encouraged to speak to their counselor or Learning Director
anytime Before School, During Break, During Lunch or After School.
If we are unavailable during those times, please leave a request and we will be in touch

Ms. Mejia-Freshman Counselor( Front Office)

Mr. Chavez- Sophomore Counselor (Front Office)

Mrs. Leeper-Junior Counselor (Front Office)

Ms. Mercado-Senior Counselor (Front Office)