Course Registration

This specific section relates addresses LBHS student scheduling. You will see several document options listed below. Please click on each document to view or print them. Paper copies of these documents are also available at LBHS Student services. 

Click here for LBHS Course Catalog for 2022-2023 School Year Link 

Balloting Forms 2022-2023 Below

Click here for AP Program Application 2022-2023 Link

Click here for LB2MC Pathway Application link

 Click here for LBHS Agriculture Pathways Program Application for 2022-2023 Link

Click Here for the PE 10 Waiver (To be completed by Class of 2025 ONLY)

Click Here for the 10 Band PE Waiver (To be completed by Class of 2025 ONLY)

Class Codes

Classroom Code for Class of 2023: 2t5vzm7

Classroom Code for Class of 2024: kcjiyzl

Classroom Code for Class of 2025: 73qbsuc

Classroom Code for Class of 2026: vhk7k7b


Refer to the LBHS Course Catalog, this provides the complete listing of course offerings and should be used when considering course selection or course questions for any of the grade levels.

Please be advised that multiple measures are used for scheduling students. Your student’s scheduling reflects the use of all measures available at any given moment. Please encourage your student to focus intently on academic effort. This affords the student the widest range of course selection options, not to mention LBHS personal, public and ongoing recognition for their success!

As always, we look forward to working with our students each and every day.

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Tiger Registration

Deadline for Online Registration, Balloting Forms, AP Application’s,  AG Pathway Forms is January 28th, 2022.