Military Options


An often overlooked post-secondary option is joining the Armed Forces. The Armed Forces offers many training programs that prepare young men and women for civilian jobs. All branches of the military provide tuition assistance for college courses taken while on active duty under the Montgomery GI bill.  Recruiters from all the military branches are frequent visitors to campus and can also be contacted at local recruiting offices.  As with choosing a college, there are many factors to consider when choosing a branch including length of enlistment, advanced pay grade, length and type of training, enlistment bonuses, additional pay and allowances, and the ability to pursue higher education.

Most branches of the military offer tuition assistance for enlisted personnel to take college courses at civilian colleges during their off-duty hours while on active duty. In addition, military training while on active duty can sometimes count toward college credit (see Navy College Program). All branches of the military offer training in various technical and vocational areas, and military enrollees can often obtain college credit for some of this training.

If you are interested in attending a military academy, you must secure a nomination, normally from a U.S. Congressman or Senator, except those interested in the United States Coast Guard Academy.  See your counselor as soon as possible, even as early as the freshmen year for more information, as there are stringent scholastic and medical eligibility requirements that must be met for admission.

For more information about various military opportunities visit the following websites or contact our local recruiters:


U.S. Marines

510 west Olive Street, Suite C

Merced, CA 95340

Office: 209-722-7592

Fax: 209-722-0272

LBHS/PHS Recruiter: Sgt. I. A. Quiroz

Cell: 209-604-6558


U.S. Army National Guard

1240 West 8th Street

Merced, CA 95341

Office:  (209) 383-4499

LBHS/PHS Recruiter: SFC Eric M. Vanhees

Recruiting and Retention NCO

Cell:  (209) 298-9807


U. S.  Navy

510 West Olive, Suite B

Merced, CA  95340

Office: 209-722-7962

Fax: 209-726-1442

LBHS/PHS Recruiter: LS2 Brandon Waugaman

Cell: 209-408-2165


U. S. Army

510 West Olive Avenue

Merced, CA 95348

Office: 209-722-4157

Fax: 209-722-9112


U. S. Air Force

510 West Olive Avenue

Merced, CA 95348

Office: 209-723-1054