Physical Education

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"You don't stop playing because you grow old.  You grow old because you stop playing!"


Student is required to successfully complete 4 semesters (20 credits) of physical education to meet diploma requirements. Physical education courses PE 9 and PE 10 taken in grades 9 and 10 satisfy this requirement. The PE 9 and PE 10 courses are not elective courses and may not be taken by any student who has previously met the required 20 credits of physical education required for a diploma. A student may not be enrolled in more than 1 required physical education course during any given semester. The only exception is for a Senior that needs to make up the course requirement for graduation. 11th and 12th graders may not be enrolled in a required course and an elective course at the same time. A student may enroll in an elective course in grades 11and 12 if he/she has previously completed the required 20 credits of PE 9 and PE 10. See course prerequisites. No student may enroll in more than three elective classes of Physical Education per semester.

The Pacheco High School Physical Education is in the process of recommending a Core PE class that is separated by male and females. The course is pending review.


The Los Banos Unified School District Board of education policy allows students to fulfill their PE 10 requirement for graduation through successful athletic participation. Students must successfully complete both fall and spring semesters of the 9th grade PE course during their 9th grade year with a grade of "C" or better. Credits will not be issued for athletic participation. The parent must have a conference with a counselor/administrator and the opportunity to discuss this option with an athletic representative, to address the potential consequences and benefits of using this option. Sophomores and their families should meet with a counselor to learn more about this opportunity.

It should be noted that credits will not be issued for athletic participation and students will be required to earn 10 additional credits in place of the 10 credits traditionally earned in PE 10. The credit total of 220 credits to earn a diploma will remain.