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"He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it." 

Pacheco High School Graduation Requirements for Social Science:

A minimum of seven semesters (35 units) of social science are required in order to earn a diploma.

The following list shows the course options for each grade level:

Grade 9:

  • Geography & Global Culture *(A-G)

  • AP Human Geography *(A-G) 

  • Pre-AP World History & Geography *(A-G)

Grade 10:

  • World History *(A-G) 

  • Advanced Placement European History *(A-G)

Grade 11:

  • United States History *(A-G) 

  • Advanced Placement United States History *(A-G)

Grade 12:

  • American Government and Economics *(A-G) 

  • Advanced Placement American Government and Advanced Placement Economics *(A-G)

Electives Offered:

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice *(A-G)

  • Introduction to Sociology *(A-G)

  • Introduction to Psychology *(A-G)

  • AP Psychology *(A-G)


*A-G: Classes marked with the *(A-G) indicator meet eligibility requirements for entrance into University of California and California State University colleges.  For more information, visit the California Department of Education website.Ag/Industrial Arts





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