Dr. Marshall's Cabinet

Dr Tammie calzadillas

Dr. Tammie Calzadillas

In her role as the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Dr. Calzadillas assists her team with the recruitment, selection and onboarding of new employees to Los Banos Unified School District.  She also serves as the Lead Negotiator for the District, Complaint Coordinator and Investigator.   Working with her Human Resources team, they have defined their mission for the Human Resources Department, “To support staff in achieving their best so they can be their best.”  She strives to ensure that this occurs each day. 

Amer Iqbal

Mr. Amer Iqbal

As the Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services, Mr. Iqbal, provides leadership in the development, operation, and coordination of the District’s Fiscal Services, Child Nutrition Services, Facilities, Maintenance and Operation, Transportation, and Information Technology.

Dr. Richey

Dr. C. Sean Richey

Dr. C. Sean Richey serves as the Chief Academic Officer. Dr. Richey oversees and directs the educational division of the district, which includes special education, English learner development, curriculum development, instruction, assessment, counseling, multi-tiered systems of support, homeless and foster youth programs, student services, state and federal funding, and before/after school programs. He provides leadership, direction and support to school staff to coordinate and align effective researched-based programs that result in high academic achievement for all student groups. Dr. Richey ensures compliance with state and federal requirements throughout the district educational program. He works with schools to ensure that district resources are aligned with school needs and that effective teaching and learning occur in every classroom for every student. Dr. Richey works to create conditions that ensure systemic improvement of practice in every classroom and every school, every day.

Dr. Richey

Mrs. Yolanda Cork-Anthony

Yolanda Cork-Anthony serves as the Director of Special Education/Special Services. She is responsible for the oversight of Special Education Services for students with disabilities ages 3-21.  The Special Education/Special Services Department’s service providers (education specialists, speech pathologists, school psychologists, mental health counselors, and BCBAs) provide specialized academic instruction and related services that addresses the educational needs of students with disabilities. In addition, Yolanda oversees classified office staff who include secretaries and interpreters.  Yolanda is a servant leader and is passionate about meeting the needs of students with disabilities and collaborating with their parents in their child’s education. She strives to remain compliant with state and federal laws to ensure students with disabilities receive a free and appropriate public education.

Alejandra Garibay

Mrs. Alejandra Garibay

Alejandra Garibay serves as the Director of Fiscal Services. She directs, plans, and organizes the activities of the Fiscal Services Department, as well as oversees all aspects of Financial Activity throughout the district. She takes the lead using analytical skills and advanced knowledge of accounting principles and financial operations to advise school district officials, district employees, and office personnel on legal and technical provisions relating to school finance and budgets. Alejandra aspires to support the district's goal of maintaining fiscal solvency, which will ensure every student receives the education they deserve. 


Carolina Moreno

Ms. Carolina Moreno

Carolina Moreno serves as the Director of English Learner Services and Migrant Education Programs.  She plans, coordinates, and oversees the operations of the District’s English Learner Services and Migrant Education Programs that support equity, multi-tiered systems of support, including academic achievement, behavioral support and social emotional learning. She ensures that services are provided to students and parents in alignment with State and Federal compliance mandates.

Alberto Verduzco

Mr. Alberto Verduzco

Alberto Verduzco serves as an Administrator on Special Assignment. He has twenty-eight years of education experience, including six years in Human Resources, five years as a middle school principal, seven years as an assistant principal, and ten years of teaching experience. Alberto currently works with Dr. Calzadillas, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, to support the work in the Los Banos Unified School District (LBUSD) Human Resources department. He is also the Title IX Coordinator and Interim Director of Health Services, co-leading with School District Registered Nurse Cesar Mendoza Martinez. He is proud to work with all LBUSD staff, administrators, parents, Merced county educators and partners, and our community. Alberto prides himself in providing service with integrity, building relationships and trust, listening empathetically, having a solid work ethic, and developing capacity through knowledge and compassion

Steven Baughman

Mr. Steven Baughman

Steven Baughman serves as the Director of Nutrition Services.  He plans, develops, and coordinates the physical resources and classified staff members within the Child Nutrition Department.  He oversees the effective preparation and service of standardized nutritious meals on all district campuses.   Steven strives to create a pleasant and welcoming eating environment for the student population while ensuring ongoing compliance with federal, state and locally mandated guidelines regarding school food service.

Eric Sowersby

Mr. Eric Sowersby

Eric Sowersby serves as the Director of Elementary Education.  Mr. Sowersby oversees and directs the educational programs for the transitional kindergarten center and elementary schools in the district.  He oversees the districts Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports program (PBIS) and the serves as the lead for all district assessment.  Mr. Sowersby oversees the elementary curriculum and all district content at the elementary level.  He strives to ensure that all students have the same opportunities afforded to all.  “Do what’s best for students.”

Picture Of David Horton

Dr. David Horton

Dr. David Horton serves as the Director of Secondary Education.  Dr. Horton oversees and directs the educational program for the junior high schools, high schools, and alternative program schools in the district.  He provides leadership, direction, and support to secondary school staff to deliver high academic opportunity and achievement for all student groups. Dr. Horton builds, supports, and monitors the secondary schools to ensure that every student exits high school prepared and ready for college and career.

Garth Gomes

Mr. Garth Gomes

Garth Gomes serves as the Information Systems (ITS) Manager. ITS provides technical services and support to the Los Banos Unified School District. We are committed to serving and supporting the needs of our growing community of students, teachers, administration, and staff with technology that support both the learning environment, and the work performed by our employees.

Zach Cruz

Mr. Zach Cruz

Zach Cruz serves as Program Supervisor for the Learning Educational Activities Program (LEAP). As Program Supervisor, Zach oversees the districts before school, afterschool and summer program, which offer students a safe environment for academic support and enrichment activities at school sites across the district.  Additionally, he is responsible for CDE grant compliance, procuring new funding, expanding program services and collaborating with educational partners to ensure a continually successful student support program.