Department of Rehabilitation/TPP


The Los Banos Unified School District and the California Department of Rehabilitation established the Transition Partnership Program (TPP), about six years ago. The program is designed to assist 11th and 12th grade high school students with an active IEP or 504 plan to move into employment or vocational training after high school.

The process starts with referrals from the School Psychologists to the Vocational Specialist. Once eligibility and desire for participation is determined an Individualized Plan of Employment (IPE) is written. Each student's IPE is different to fit his or her individualized needs. Once the student is officially a client, the Vocational Specialist can work with them to develop the skills to obtain employment. Weekly workshops are held after school to determine where their interests lie. Students/clients work on a variety of skills such as: personal goals, being responsible, punctuality, telephone etiquette, monetary skills, appropriate attire, self-esteem, and application assistance. Each student/client will develop a personal Portfolio.

This program gives the student a chance to gain work experience at different sites in the community. Each student' client is given the opportunity to gain paid work experience through a program called WorkAbility. The WorkAbility program works together with the Transition Partnership Program to acquire employment from the community.

Local Contact Info:

Rebecca Munoz
(209) 619-7483
Vocational Specialist
Los Banos Unified School District

Kim Frankian, M.S.
(209) 726-6529
Qualified Rehabilitation Professional
Department of Rehabilitation Counselor