Vision Statement

All students of the Los Banos Unified School District are provided a learning environment in which they will be able to perform at their highest potential.

Upon graduation, all students will be prepared for entry into the world of work or entry into a college or university.

Fidelity to standards, rigorous curriculum and assessments will be an expectation of all staff. Regular assessment is a key part of the delivery of excellent instruction. Assessment practice in the District will reflect adopted standards and utilize similar test design as the annual state testing program.

The implementation of District created curriculum units and regular assessment will be the basis for judging fidelity to standards.

Facilities and infrastructure of the District must support the ongoing growth of the District. Ongoing student population growth as well as ongoing technological growth of the District must be addressed in our long term plans while addressing the central mission of the District, providing the best teaching and content to our students.

Approved: August 8, 2013